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Substantial savings can be achieved when the following parameters of load exist:

  • Continuous consumption of electrical energy for plants operating 24/7

  • Rapid load variation causing voltage fluctuation

  • Transformer tapping: can be reduced in one or two steps with the voltage reduction option, using tap changer

  • Load characterized by a high level of harmonics

In this scenario, our company can provide a turnkey solution which will deliver long term savings to your company.



Our quality recorders are all equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording to ensure data availability for any event in the grid without the need to set any triggers or thresholds.


There are models available to meet the user’s needs and requirements for nearly any business and/or application. All models coupled with our support power management software enable  ~5,000 power parameters at any given resolution to be calculated for displaying and reporting purposes from the acquired waveform signals.


We deploy sophisticated and reliable software solutions that allow us to perform fast data exploration, analysis and visualizations. We can use the simulations to produce comprehensive reports accurately calculating energy savings and its effects on the network.

We perform the analysis of energy consumption before & after solution implementation, while also providing real-time monitoring, analysis, alarms and reports.



We can help companies achieve substantial savings by:

  • Controlling of voltage instability by using a transformer which rapid steps down to optimized entry voltage level

  • Current reduction using real-time dynamic reactive power compensation system

  • Voltage and current harmonics reduction by installing custom-designed reactors tuned to the 5th or the 5th and 7th harmonics

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